It's pretty unbelievable that six months passed since my first blog post. I had such good intentions to post something each month. It was a goal I didn't hit. We all have examples of things that we intended to do but didn't complete. Why does this happen?

For my situation I'm going blame the amount of distraction. I recently attended a Covey presentation on their new book about execution. They've labeled the blur that distracts us as a "whirlwind." We're in a time of unprecedented noise and distraction, whirlwind, but we need to fight through it to accomplish our important goals for so many reasons.

I've been asked what makes us different since I founded our business. That question implies that we've done enough research to know our competitors well which is pretty hard since all the worthwhile competitors are running fast and don't publish updates on their product development for me. Our approach is listening to our prospects and customers and building what want. I believe keeping focus on the voice of the customer is the most correct way to build a winning product.

Thanks to our customers, what makes us different is helping people get things done. Collaboration and social is great but what matters is getting work done. Our platform is great for collaborative task management and I'm proud to help our users get stuff done.

I'm excited! This is my first blog post. I've been been meaning to start blogging for a while and proud of myself for doing it. It seems fitting to start with the launch of Networrk.com. Those of you who know me and the team realize that we've been working hard to help K12 education make a digital transformation. It's slowly happening. Our focus on education is going to continue but we're doing a pivot into other industries and we needed a new name.

We hope you like Networrk. I'm excited to launch Networrk and begin this new chapter in our social learning adventure!

Please share ideas or suggestions or ideas for us. We're very grateful to meet people who might be interested in our solution. Thank you, Mike Kritzman

    Mike Kritzman

    I love technology and how it can help us to connect and get things done. I'm trying to make the world better with software.


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